. La bises Policy.

Dear our value client,

We would like to express how important it is to each stylist/technician that you give adequate notice if you are unable to make you scheduled appointment. If you do not show up, we do not get paid.


While we understand life happens, we rely on our clients appointments for our income. No clients-no payment!


We know our clients appreciate our competitive prices, so to keep your service costs down please respect our time so we do not need to increase to make up for missed appointmentsđź–¤




Due to our growing business, it is advisable to book your appointments at in advance.  We do our absolute best to be flexible around or clients by opening early, staying late and even coming in on our day off so that we can give you the best service possible. Please  arrive  5 to 10 minutes  before your appointment with make up free for skin and lashes services.


Your appointments are very important to us. We understand that sometimes appointments may need to be changed or cancelled. 

However, we will now be requiring a 24 hours’( working hours , if your appointment is 10 am , please don't send your message in mid night or 10 pm in the night before , it doesn't count ) notice for all rescheduling or cancellations.  If you cancel your appointments twice times we count as make up appointment you won't able to re-book with us again.


For anyone who forgets or chooses to forego their scheduled appointment more than 2 times , you will in our ban list , you won't able to re book with us again.


If you are late 15 minutes or more, we cannot promise that your scheduled service can be performed that day.  We cannot cut into other clients scheduled times to accommodate tardiness.


➢ We guarantee our work. If you have any concerns with the service you received, if you lashes fall off 50% let us know within 2 days and we will fix it to your satisfaction at no extra charge within 7days, all lashes after 7 days will be charged price of infill set.  This is a policy we are proud to offer you.

➢ We do not offer refunds on services.

➢ If you experience an allergy and are unable to wear the eyelash extensions applied, we will remove them for FREE of charge.

Payment options: eftpos card we accept  all nz bank cards. There are 2$ surcharge on credit card and payway, we dont accept  American  cards

We do accept  Cash, please  make sure you have cash ready for your appointment,  we do not accept  clients  leave before  pay, even you tend to go out to withdraw  cash. All clients  who left without payments  will be reported  to police with the detail you provided  us at your booking.

  • Afterpay: if you choose to use afterpay for your service,pleaselet us know to process your payment beforewe start your services. There are 2$ surcharge on all paymentsunder 50$ , pleasemakesure you have your afterpayapp ready and pay before your servicestarted.

PLEASE Note you would be banned from the shop if you are not behaviour, not turn up more than twice times continue, threaten our staff, racist , swear words, yelling, being rude,  screaming at the shop.

When booking your two/ three week refill appointment, you must have 40%remaining of lash extensions or it’s considered a FULL SET.

We work very hard to keep all my clients happy.  We must implement these policies now due to a rise in last minute cancellations and no shows.  We are not compensated for a late cancellation or no show.  We also can not fill your appointment without proper notice and also don't want to mucking around.

Thank you all for your commitment to us doing what We LOVE, as well as your understanding!