Collection: Pre-Made Fans Eyelash Extensions Supply

Premade fans save your time of picking individual length. Save money for buying all lots of difference that you don't really use.
Premade fans are 3 to 25 light weight lashes heat bonded together to form a volume lash which is then applied to one natural lash providing a luscious volume application for your clients in no time at all. Premade volume fans in short stem lashes are perfect for clients with few lashes or gaps in their natural lash line.

Recommend for Hybrid/Volume/Mega/Super Mega Volume set

About this item

We do have more experience for tip technology. We use our lightweight pre-made volume fans to add extra volume to your classic sets, to save time on your volume sets. AND the end of the tip, will be longer, so more easier for use. These can be used by beginner or seasoned lash artists alike.
Material: high quality Silk lashes. Premade volume eyelash extensions based on the normal basis, baking technology was added to make the curvature more durable and softer.
La Bises eyelashes will not irritate or damage the natural lashes of your clients. premade Volume Lashes are fluffier, lighter, stronger, and softer to touch than classic eyelash extension. La Bises Volume Lashes are more flexible and places less strain on the natural lash. They feel lighter and more comfortable than traditional lash extensions your clients won’t even feel they have them on.
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