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Full Hydra dermabrasion package 6 sessions - $440

An advanced exfoliation that gives skin a deep cleanse, detox and instant glow!  Hydradermabrasion deeply cleanses, exfoliates and stimulates the skin through an active detox solution, electroporation, suction and a diamond exfoliating tip. This treatment uses our Skinsmiths Detox Serum, infused with Green Tea Extract, Aloe and Chamomile plus Hyaluronic acid You can expect noticeable results immediately after a treatment, with skin feeling fresh, clean and hydrated – with no downtime needed!

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Microneedling package of 4 sessions- $410

Fractional mesotherapy or medical microneedling is a modern, minimally invasive treatment that aims to stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers in the skin. The treatment is based on the use of an automatic device with microneedles that will penetrate the layers of the skin (dermis and epidermis) in a controlled way, without producing side effects. Microneedling treatment being safe and effective. The Fractional Mesotherapy Device performs thousands of controlled micro-stings in the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) having a strong rejuvenating and nourishing effect on collagen and elastin fibers, both by mechanical action and by introducing active substances directly into the deep layers of the skin. skin through the channels created. Recovery is fast, and the results are comparable...

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